Discover Cologne

Free Walking Tour

The team of FreeWalkCologne are more than willing to help you out to learn more about Cologne.

The tours happen mainly in English but on Saturdays, they offer a tour in German at 12:11pm in addition to the English tour.

Meeting place is in front of the Eigelsteintorburg which is close to the station Hansaring or Ebertplatz.


- It took over 600 years until it gets finished
- The 3rd biggest church building in the world
- Belongs to the UNESCO world heritage since 1996
- 533 steps to get to the top of the cathedral
- Relic: bones from the three holy kings

More information you will find in our info folder or ask us.

11 reasons for Cologne

1. CENTRAL - optimal accessibility in the center of Europe
2. HISTORICAL - 2000-year history, the oldest city in Germany
3. CULTURAL - one of the leading artistic and cultural cities in Europe
4. AWARDED - UNESCO World Heritage Site Cologne Cathedral
5. SUCCESSFUL - outstanding economic and scientific location
6. IMPULSING - Center for congresses and trade fairs
7. EVENTS - top events at all seasons
8. COSMOPOLITIAN - tolerant and multicultural way of life
9. TRADITIONAL - carnival and Kölsch culture
10. MODERN - Scene and Shopping Malls
11. SIGHTSEING - Metropolis with unmistakable offer